Back from Hawaii


Wow that was such a nice vacation. I’m going to post pics soon on both Myspace and Facebook, but once I got over the ‘sickle cell’ thing it was so fun. This didn’t happen until Thursday, day 5 of 7…grrr! That was my first day that I didn’t take any painkillers whatsover.

We were in Kona, which is on the big island of Hawaii, on the side where a volcanic eruption had left beautiful corals, black rocks and turquoise oceans. The view was absolutely divine, and I did manage to conquer my fears of the water and actually go kayaking for an hour! It’s so unlike me to enter the water especially not being a swimmer, but Norio promised he wouldn’t let me drown…lol.

On coconut island, he opened coconuts and we drank coconut juice. I haven’t had a real coconut in ages, and it just reminds so much of back home in Nigeria. Hawaii had too many representations of Naija to count, I really think I need to go to Naija soon. There were kale plants, cassava plants and the climate was almost alike.

Anyway, I’m back and safe and in one piece. It was absolutely divine and I’m glad that I didn’t miss this trip.


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