Am I The Worst Patient?


I don’t think so! I have been very compliant. I am so frustrated. I had surgery almost 5 weeks ago. It’s been terrible. I had surgery on my left arm. All I can do is keep it elevated. I can’t cook, clean, knit, crochet or do anything I would like to do. I can’t type. I have typed these last articles one handed on my iPad. It only took three times as long. I can’t even read. I can’t hold a book and turn the pages one handed. Every time I read on my ereader or iPad the page changes orientation and is facing the wrong direction. Feel bad for my husband. For five weeks he has been a saint. He has walked the dogs, cooked dinner, cleaned and done everything! He has listened to me complain! He is the true hero of this story.

I have been good and done what I am suppose to do, but I am getting worse. My doctor hematologist had me go back in to have my arm checked at the surgeon and I did not want to but she was right. It was far to large. My hand/arm got bigger instead of smaller. They thought I had blood clots. Two days ago I had to have my arm checked again (surgery). I have a small infection and stenosis. Did you know it’s hard to do anything with one hand? I didn’t think it would be this bad. I was so wrong. The hardest part is keeping my spirits high. I have a friend who came over to visit. I have talked on the phone since I can’t drive well. I have limited my driving one handed to doctor appointments only.

I have adapted let me tell you how. I can’t read, so I am listening to podcast and audiobooks. I can’t knit or crochet so I have found all these nice patterns to make when my arm finally heals. I have bought yarn at the yarn store, but mainly online at websites I never knew existed before. I spend my days listening to books, podcast, reading, discovering websites I never knew existed. Watching tv shows I never heard of before. My favorite new pastime sleeping. I never sleep. I have caught up on my sleep. I play with my dogs. I look at food network shows, then google the vegetarian version of the recipe. I have tried to keep good sprits, yet I had a day where I was really down. I texted a friend and she was there for me. I am a lucky girl. I know that.

The downside I have gained 15 pounds I’m guessing. I won’t step on a scale. I am wearing workout clothes and sundresses so all my clothes fit, but my face is fat. and I have visibly gained weight. They made me step on a scale before surgery two days ago. It was in kilograms and I haven’t translated it. I can’t exercise, my yoga has been restorative only. With a few splits and things you can do without the use of your arm.
All in all I have learned a lot about myself and I can be a good patient.
How have you dealt with challenging times in your life and illness? What have you done to keep your spirits up?


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