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Sickle Cell Warrior Ads block 2Hello Sickle Cell Community Stakeholders!

Get your message to a wider audience! Share news about your research, scholarship, event, gig, organization, or business! Start here! The Sickle Cell Warriors ~ League of Sponsors is looking for new partners!

The League of Sponsors helps fund sickle cell-focused programs for patients and families living with sickle cell disease. All monies derived are out back into developing resources and supportive programs for the sickle cell community.

No data is shared with third parties at any time. The information is shared directly from us, for us. By Sickle Cell Warriors, Inc. to the sickle cell warrior global community.

All ads are vetted using the guidelines set by our Warrior Advisory Committee and Board of Directors to ensure that the safety, privacy, and confidentiality of our patient community is valued & protected at all times. Thus, only ads that complete the thorough investigative process will be shared.

We have limited space and time to book for June-September run, so act now and act fast.

For more info, contact us directly at or

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Brooke Pillifant