Has SC Hit Your Finances?


Sickle Cell has had a major negative effect in my finances for the last 6 years. Many people don’t pay attention to how this struggle is and how doing it as a single parent makes it almost impossible. Be straight with yourself and assess where your faith is right now and then remind yourself of all the past struggles you made it thru to increase your faith the more! Are you willing to believe the unbelievable? Are you willing to pray and trust God will work everything out for your good? When you believe God will make a way out of no way, then the atmosphere releases that favor into your life. Your life will become a living testimony of how you concurred Sickle Cell for your warrior and later it will be come your warrior’s testimony to others who are new to the struggle. When Sickle Cell tries to destroy your finances, this is when you have to have crazy, insane faith and not get distracted by what is going on around you.


What do you do when sickle cell hits your finances and you lose your place to stay or fall behind in your rent? We have had to move 3 times since my warrior was born but I refuse to lose faith. The first two homes we lost because I had to miss work due to her crisis which caused me to be unable to pay rent. Those first two homes were not well insulated and very cold. The last home was a big improvement but due to paying late the landlord decided not to renew our lease. Then no one wanted to rent to me because I didn’t have a solid record of paying on time and bad credit from that same problem. We kept praying and searching until we came across another home that the kids and I loved. The new home was updated, more insulated, spacious and in the area I desired to be in. I got the application and took it to church and asked my pastor to lay his hands on it for a blessing. A couple of days later, I was approved and we moved in December 6, 2014. She rented to us on a temporary basis to see if I can pay her on time for 6 months in order to extend the lease but I only promised that each month she would receive payment. I could not promise my daughter would not get sick and I would not miss work. However, I have faith that by June I will be in a better financial situation that will help me eliminate that problem.

In the suburb where we reside there are programs that will assist you in paying rent and utilities should you fall behind. Even if employed but missing income due to a disabled child, you can still qualify with the lowered check stubs. So when sickle cell hit my finances again, my gas service was turned off. I sought out social service help from my community and was directed to a Catholic church for a small grant. At first they said they could not help because by the time they came to visit to perform an assessment of my need; my service had been disconnected that same day. However, I kept praying. And I received an email from the gas company that said they now were requiring me to pay half of the balance to restore my service. Family members stepped in once they saw my warrior was immediately affected and was hospitalized. The Catholic Church then gave me the grant because I had secured half of the new deposit requested. Sometimes the way things will work out is a mystery but you must trust the process.

What do you do when SC hits your finances and you can’t afford to get medication or nutritional supplements to help your warrior? After my daughter had an adverse reaction to Hydroxyurea, we turned to Dioscovite, a natural supplement. Dioscovite began to work but when sickle cell once again caused me to miss work, I could not afford to buy another bottle. An older mother at church gave me some daily spiritual advice about praying as a family, teaching my daughter to proclaim God’s word over her life and how to pray for my warrior specifically. My daughter has been to the hospital one time since but her pain stopped before they give her morphine. And the pain did not return.

So what you do when sickle cell hits your finances? You use your crazy faith! You believe in what you don’t see! You speak what positive outcome will happen to release into the atmosphere for your benefit!  You reflect on how you have overcome in the past to encourage you to know the future will be brighter! You seek out resources around you even if you don’t think they will help. Know that God will give you favor where you don’t expect to get it! God will cause people to be a blessing to your life because your faith is telling him; I trust you! God see and knows your battle with sickle cell and will constantly help you win every battle if you have faith and faint not!


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