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Meet Dasha: Nursing Student, Dancer, Determined Warrior

Dasha is a determined, hardworking young lady. She has sickle cell, but isn't letting the condition slow her down or stop her from her...

Meet Stella: Editor, Warrior, Survivor!

It is my pleasure to introduce Stella Okwy, a strong and successful publishing editor, who has overcome many difficulties and triumphed.

Meet Jazzlind: Daughter, Student, Girlfriend, Warrior

This week's warrior is Jazzlind. She's a 15 year old full of spice and life, and she has candidly opened up about her experiences with sickle cell.

Meet Akimie: Artist, Runway Model, Warrior

Ever wondered if you could be a working model in NY with sickle cell? If Akimie can do it, so can you!

Meet Clarissa: The Warrior Behind of HeartofGold.org

The creator of the Heart of Gold foundation shares her inspirational journey with sickle cell below. Read on...

Meet Kandis: Mom, Nurse and Warrior

Meet Kandis, an intrepid and determined young lady. Even with AVN and sickle cell, she has accomplished all her dreams and strives to inspire others.

Sickle Cell Free, Part 4: Life After Stem Cell Transplant

This is the finale of the interview with Raheem C, the sickle cell patient who underwent a stem cell transplant and is now sickle cell free! Congratulations Raheem! Live free and be happy!

Sickle Cell Free, Part 2: Stem Cell Donation

In Part 2; Raheem, a 33 year old patient who recently underwent stem cell transplant, talks about the stem cell donation and retrieval process...which surprisingly is not as grueling as you might think...

Meet Courtney: Student, Daughter, Warrior

Share this week's warrior story with your grade and high school kids. Courtney is a great role model and might be able to inspire them out of a slump. Blessings!

Sickle Cell Free, Part 3: The Transplant

It's amazing how many myths existed in the sickle cell community regarding the stem cell transplant. Raheem tells us the hardcore truth!
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