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Meet Tarsha: Mom, Wife, Warrior

Tarsha is a lovely mother, with a strong faith, determination, and indomitable spirit. Read her story here.

Meet Brandin: Behavior Specialist, Father, Mentor, Warrior

Brandin is an amazing, dedicated, and focused young man who has managed to zero in on his purpose in life.

Meet Julius: IT Student, Poet, Warrior

Julius is a student that has figured out how to balance his goals, inspiration, and life with sickle cell.

From the Heart of a Warriors’ Caregiver

Tamara is an independent, strong, beautiful woman who is head over heels and happily married to her own true Sickle cell warrior. Read about her journey from a wide-eyed novice to his staunchest advocate and expert at the bedside.

Meet Ade: Software Developer, Techie, Advocate, Warrior

Ade is an exceptionally brilliant sickle cell warrior, who has learned the fine art of balance. Read more...

Meet Nicole: LPN Student, Mom, Vibrant Warrior

Nicole is 26 year old woman living her dreams. She does not let Sickle cell keep her down.

Meet Davinna: Social Worker, Crime Preventer, Poet, Student, Warrior

Ever wondered if you could do it all? Well this week's warrior has A LOT on her plate, but keeps focused on her dreams.

Meet Phyllis Zachery-Thomas: Founder of the SCD Soldier Network, Inc., Author,...

This week's warrior is a trailblazer, sickle cell advocate, source of inspiration, #1 cheerleader, mentor to all the SCD advocates out there, mom, wife, sister....there are not enough words.

Meet Tanjila: SC Program Coordinator, Daughter, Fiancée and Woman of Faith

Tanjila is a sickle cell program coordinator, mom, warrior, and strong woman of faith. Read her inspiring journey of sickle cell here.

Sickle Cell Free, Part 1: An Interview with Patient #19

Yes it's true. We can be cured from sickle cell. Learn all about the new stem cell transplant process from Raheem C. aka Patient No. 19.
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