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Meet Teara: Student, Mother, Warrior

This week’s warrior is Teara, is a sweet, gracious young lady. She’s a mom, student and working woman. Through all her struggles with the challenges of sickle cell, she is able to count her blessings with a smile on her face.

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Meet Parnel: Husband, Father, Advocate, Educator, Warrior!

It is my pleasure to introduce Parnel Abraham, husband, father, advocate and leader in the sickle cell community. He is a true inspiration, and you can learn ALOT from this interview.

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Meet Clayton: CPS Investigator, Husband, Father and Warrior.

This week’s warrior is a father, husband and advocate for at-risk youth. Clayton doesn’t let anything slow him down. Read his inspiring story next…

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Meet Kai: Fly, 5 and Alive!!!

This week’s warrior is only 5 years old! Remember when you were 5?

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Meet Ashley: Teaching Assistant, Writer, Mentor, Warrior

Ashley is in her 20s, but listening to her, she has wisdom beyond her years. Her quote: the real handicap of sickle cell does not lie in the blood, but in the mind. Read more of her inspirational journey.

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Meet Yomi: Project Manager/Husband/Adventurer/Warrior

Read on to find out more about Yomi’s amazing life journey thus far, how he took sickle cell lemons and made lemonade, and the zen philosophy of his life.

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Meet Zaranda: IRS Auditor/Mother/Drum Line Player

In addition to being simply gorgeous sickle cell warrior, Zaranda is a full time mommy and part time Drum Line Queen. Read more of her story.

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Meet Norma: Aspiring CPA, Mom, Wife and Warrior

This weeks’ warrior is Norma; an aspiring CPA, mom, wife to a Navy soldier, and she is all sorts of awesomeness.

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Meet Ronke: Fabulous, Feisty, Legal Warrior

Have you ever wondered if you could become a Lawyer? Well don’t let sickle cell stop you from that dream. Read Ronke’s story of achieving her dreams in spite of having Sickle Cell.

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Meet Mia: IRS Rep, Student, Warrior, SURVIVOR!

Meet Mia Robinson, a goal oriented, focused and determined woman who is taken the challenges of life, survived and THRIVED. Read more of her amazing story next.

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Meet Amanda: Mom/Grad Student/Social Worker/Warrior

This weeks’ warrior is Miss Amanda, smart, independent woman who doesn’t take no for an answer. Read more about her determination and tenacity, and how she took on her College system—and won.

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One Life that Touches Many: Kenneth Mwanje

Have you ever wondered how you could make a difference in the fight against sickle cell? Well read on to hear one young warriors’ impact on sickle cell, and his whole country of Uganda

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Warrior La’Veda Page: Part 2

In the second part of this interview, we are going to get to know more about La’Veda’s family life: boisterous son, handsome husband and how she manages her busy life with sickle cell….

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Meet La’Veda Page: Minister, Teacher, Actress, Mom, Singer, Wife, Warrior

Our warrior for this week is a dynamic and energetic woman. La’Veda Le Page is a mom, actress, wife, musician, minister and of course a sickle cell warrior!

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Meet Shakir: Entrepreneur, State Worker, Fiance, Warrior

Our Warrior in the Spotlight this week is Shakir C. He had a stroke when he was 3 years old, but this just forged him into a stronger person. Read more about his journey below.

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