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Myth Busters: Accepting Blood from ‘White’ Donors…

Alot of nurses/doctors give out wrong information because they don't understand the intricacies of cross matching. There is a huge misconception about this blood thing and since we get blood often, it's important for us to sort out the truth from fallacy.

Finding Love with Sickle Cell

Is it possible to find love with sickle cell? It surely is! Follow Kena as she shares her story of heartbreak, romance, finding love and happily ever after.

Fatigue and Sickle Cell

Sometimes, you don't have pain, but really don't have the energy to go out and hit the town. Your blood counts are low. You're tired. It's not a crime.

Happy New Year!!!

An open letter to fans and supporters of the Sickle Cell Warriors

My First Crises

Story of my first crises. A lovely family day at the beach, went awry with sickle cell...and so it began. Share your sickle cell...

Lifespan Predictions for Sickle Cell

Remember the lifespan the doctor predicted for you? Well chuck that number out the window right now!

Hallucinations and Sickle Cell

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Share your hallucination story and let's all have a laugh together.

Staying Warm in Cold Weather with Sickle Cell

Here are a few tips for bundling up and staying warm this cold season.

Stress, Travel and Oxygen…

Short video about travel tips, stress and getting oxygen while on a plane.

Fish Oil and Sickle Cell

Learn all about fish oil, a simple, yet powerful remedy...
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