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Sickle Cell and Tattoos

Sickle Cell and Tattoos
November 24
01:32 2012

Tattoos have been a form of self-expression for decades now. For those with sickle cell, many warriors have wondered if getting a tattoo could lead to some kind of negative complication or crisis. A question was asked by a fearless warrior contemplating a tattoo, and it led to one of our most vibrant discussions on the Sickle Cell Warriors Facebook Page.

The post had over 100 responses. Most of the people that responded had tattoos, and had no issues either before or after getting the tattoo. Only one person stated that she had a crisis post-tattoo. Make sure you go to a legit tattoo artist and use all proper precautions for safety. To debunk the myths…no, the ink does not seep into your body causing more crisis or ink poisoning  There is no big reason to pre-medicate unless you are afraid of a little pain (which I find hard to believe because sickle cell pain is 1000 times worse)! If you do get a tattoo on your chest or upper body, make sure that you cover the area with a bandage or cloth before getting an X-ray.

So if you want to get a tattoo, don’t let sickle cell be the reason holding you back! This is one thing that sickle cell cannot stop you from doing. Go for it.

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1 Comment

  1. Tia
    Tia October 22, 06:34

    Being a 19 year old with sickle cell anemia ive had a crisis 9 times this year and its only october. i need to know more information about this disease.

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