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Oldest Person with Sickle Cell is 86

Oldest Person with Sickle Cell is 86

Ernestine Diamond is an eighty-three year old woman who may be one of the oldest American living with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). She is an advocate of the disease which affects millions throughout the world and is particularly common among people with ancestors in sub-Saharan Africa, Saudi Arabia, India and Mediterranean countries such as Turkey, Greece, and Italy and Spanish-speaking regions of South America, Cuba and Central America.

In the United States, Sickle Cell Disease affects more than seventy-two thousand people and about two million Americans carry the trait for SCD, a life threatening disease that creates unimaginable pain and suffering. Support is probably the most important factor in the life of the patient.

S.C.A.T.T. (Sickle Cell Action Through Technology) is geared towards helping to supplement the needs of patients who find themselves facing insurmountable health as well as financial challenges. Patients from around the country call for advice, or a word of encouragement.

Ms. Diamond is 86 years old!!! She is a wonderful, inspirational warrior, and she says the secret to her old age is her faith and belief in God and his blessings. If you would like to connect with Ernestine, you can email her at So have faith my strong warriors, break that glass ceiling! You can live to be an Octogenarian too!

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in 2010 on the Blog. But it can never be retold too many times.

About Author

Sickle Cell Warrior

Sickle Cell Warrior

Tosin is dedicated to perpetuating healthy and positive messages about sickle cell. Although sickle cell is a subject often taboo in the communities this condition is most prevalent, Tosin's message is that sickle cell is not something to be ashamed of and you can live a rich and fulfilling life with sickle cell. Sickle cell warriors are the most amazing people in the world, with a great fortitude for compassion, willpower and strength.

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  1. nana
    nana March 19, 01:26

    am a sc patient, i turned 28 yesterday, am african n live in African. going up as a kid, i was always in and out the hospital but ever since i got to understand how i am, i have been ok. 3years now, not had a crisis n i dnt take medications, i always make sure i prevent whatever wud make me sick. i thank God for my family,they are loving, under stand and supportive. God has really been good.

  2. Ola
    Ola April 07, 08:22

    Tosin thanks so much I now know how to explain the chances of having a child with sickle cell to others.It is a 25% or 50% chance depending on their genotype,that resets with every pregnancy,RESET being the key word.

  3. Dan
    Dan April 28, 02:22

    Hi, I have been living with SCD for 52 yrs, I have 2 daughters and an awesome support team. I have stage 5 kidney disease and in the process of getting a transplant with a bone marrow from my brother which is a perfect match. I live a stress-free life, I am a part-time worker. I get blood transfusion every 6-8 weeks, don’t have any crises. I contribute my crises free due to eating healthy, take my folic acid, and drinking at least 64 oz. of water daily. If I drink a soda every now and again it is ginger ale. These testimony are GOD blessings on our life. Great faith, praying saints and a being a believer have sustained me. Having a praying family put the icing on the cake for me. Stay encourage.

  4. Eddie
    Eddie August 05, 19:02

    I have been living with sc disease for 55 years, I attribute longevity to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I exercise and try to eat right and gave a Fitbit to keep up with my fluid intake, I average at least 60 fl oz a day mostly water and a protein shake. I have have a few crisis this year and when I look back my fluid intake was low. Not saying that is the only factor, but please stay hydrated.

  5. Solo
    Solo August 20, 11:58

    We don’t want a world without Sickle Cell; we want a world where Sickle Cell Carriers are embraced. For the Earth is God’s big garden and He plants all kinds of flowers in it…

  6. Solo
    Solo August 20, 12:07

    To Karen Wallace:
    Your aunt was a hero and thanks for sharing.

  7. Robin
    Robin September 01, 13:49

    It is a blessing to hear success stories about such an awful illness. I am a believer in Jesus. I know he is our keeper, but to many times we want His blessings without being obedient. Thank you for sharing. The word tells us obedience is better than sacrifice

  8. Help
    Help September 15, 19:42

    My girlfriend has SCD.
    I want a future with her but she doesn’t see it feasible,saying she knows none that lived above 40.
    This lifted my heart so much.
    Thank you.
    Now to lift hers and give her faith and hope.

  9. Dimplez
    Dimplez September 16, 13:11

    Hi my name is Daphne. I am 44,years old and I live with SCD. I have 2 beautiful children but thank God they don’t have this disease. I have read some of the comments and I just want to encourage all if us. We can fight and live long and healthy lives if we just follow our doctors treatment. Where I’m from all lot if sickle cell patients get addicted to the pain medication and take it wring which I believe shortens their lives. We must adhere to the treatment that our doctos provide for us. Warrior thank you so much for all that you teach and do for the sickle cell community.

  10. Sickle Cell Warrior
    Sickle Cell Warrior Author September 21, 16:00

    @Dimplez…thank you Daphne. This is encouraging!

  11. Sickle Cell Warrior
    Sickle Cell Warrior Author September 21, 16:06

    @Solo, so true and well stated. Love it!

  12. Baby be
    Baby be September 22, 16:25

    I have sickle cell thi bata too type it been hard but by the grace of god I all things are good iam 63 it’s not a good night but I go to the doctor tomorrow and I know he gonna put me in the hospital just got out in for3week so pray for me and I for you OK love you people .

  13. Amol
    Amol October 21, 08:18

    my girlfriend have a SS Scitkel cell. ..I don’t know the fully info of SCD that’s why my family is against the marrage. but I love my gf very much plz help me the sout out the problem ….I never dum my gf …I love u sooo much …

  14. SHAW
    SHAW February 09, 17:36

    I have lived with Sickle cell anemia for 57 years. I have always said to myself that, I would not allow this illness to stop me from doing what ever I wanted to do. Unfortunately, I could not go into the military. That was heart breaking but, other than that, I have been able to go marry, raise 3 sons, work f/t for 18 years. Now I am retired and disabled but, still able to work p/t if I can find an employer to work with me and my illness. I was lucky to find this site and just want to say thank you for allowing me the opportunity to express myself…

  15. Bobby Womack
    Bobby Womack March 14, 20:36

    65 with full sickle cell anemia, KIK, 913-626-9891

  16. alice
    alice March 26, 14:29

    Hi, i am very delighted to discover this page. I am an 45 old lady living with the scd, i have 2 healthy children and live well, i also manage my disease well

  17. Sickle Cell Warrior
    Sickle Cell Warrior Author April 17, 20:50

    @Alice! Welcome to the Warrior family! So nice to meet you. I’m glad you found us too. If you have facebook, join us on there at

  18. Sickle Cell Warrior
    Sickle Cell Warrior Author April 17, 21:27

    @Shaw, you are welcome! join us on facebook too, just search for sickle cell warriors.

  19. Tweetie
    Tweetie April 18, 17:46

    My mother is 62 yrs old and sc patient. She has been through trials and tribulation. Im blesses to still have my mother with me.

  20. booga
    booga April 29, 11:50

    Congratulations to the men and women that have lived over the age of 50 with a disease that usually kills early. It takes a warrior to spit in the face of death. 😀

  21. cecilia
    cecilia May 25, 01:30

    Helo am cecilia,stay in nigeria and am 24yrs with scd. God has being wonderful and i bliv him for more years

  22. Mona
    Mona August 27, 17:08

    I am 58 yrs. old and will be 59 in a few weeks if it’s the Lord’s will. I was just released from the hospital two days ago with a crisis. I my son doesn’t have the disease and neither do my granddaughters. I’m retired but still work and would like to continue until I turn 62yrs. Old. I don’t know how many years I have left on this earth but I thank God daily for keeping me here. I haven’t had a cris in 6 1/2 yrs. until last week and pray it be many years before I have another. I am not afraid to die . I just don’t want to suffer. Thanking God for my life regardless.

  23. Sickle Cell Warrior
    Sickle Cell Warrior Author September 16, 11:30

    @Mona, wow, Happy Birthday in advance! Congratulations,. Your life is a testament of the fact that we can live long vibrant lives with sickle cell.

  24. Swoosh
    Swoosh December 14, 12:29

    my name is Tobi am 26, am a happy person nd am living with sickle cell disease but I can’t walk well with my legs want to do an hip replacement one leg is longer than the other. please email me for any assistance

  25. Joanna
    Joanna January 02, 04:56

    Jesus is always available he will see you through.

  26. reene
    reene January 12, 15:37

    Your comment
    Am irene and my daughter is 3yrs old am trusting God and believing in him for a great miracle for my strong sickle cell daughter Amen

  27. yaw citizen
    yaw citizen January 16, 00:06

    Your comment..Hi,am yaw citizen. stays in Ghana and I’m 17yrs with scd.God has been so good to me..I believe him for 100years. Amen

  28. Bridgette
    Bridgette February 13, 10:50

    Hello….my name is Bridgette and I am 36 years old living with scd…I had a twin sister also with scd but she passed when we were 25yrs old. I just want to say that God may have taken some of us early, my twin sis included, but God is good to continually guide our steps where he places us in situations that help prolong life. In my situation, I get red cell exchange every 3 weeks which I am grateful to be getting and it may not be a perfect procedure but it has help me get back to life out of the hospital and without so much pain.

  29. Meika
    Meika March 15, 18:55

    My name is Shameika. I am 39 years old n will be 40 years old August 2017. I have Sickle Cell Beta Thai plus. God has bless me beyond measure. The Dr told my mom that I will not live past 30. I have a college degree and I taught pre-k for about 8 years be for I became disabled. God bless me to have a son,and he does not have scd.

  30. Lecks Day
    Lecks Day April 22, 06:15

    I am Alex from Ghana.Will be 40 in some few days time. May God keep and strengthen all people living with SCD, myself included.

  31. senator
    senator May 17, 16:20

    Hi…my name is biola, my gfwend Ss and she getting sick every time which we are not happy about it are parent ave spent a lot of money for medication but still not okay and dis is making her scared she just 21yrs which her is not going well she ave to drop out from skull because of her sickness. How can u help us out please before she kill her self

  32. Aisha
    Aisha August 02, 22:43

    I m heartbroken my husband have sickle cell and have a crisis last night but i was not there with him now he is refusing to go to the hospital he is talking about death i don’t know what to do right now only prayer and cry

  33. Ajoke
    Ajoke September 13, 13:13

    My name is Esther, I will be 24yrs this October. I am a sickle cell patient. I have faith in God that I will break the norm. My childhood wasn’t an easy experience for me, but I have been better. And I believe I will live above 90yrs. That’s my faith. I will love to know how those that lived up-to 80yrs did it. This will mean a lot to me, I need advice.

  34. Eni
    Eni November 25, 02:10

    Tears can’t stop rolling down my face after hearing my boyfriend telling me he love me while laying down the hospital bed oh lord I can’t bare him suffering like this saying those words hurt me cuz it’s saying it like as if his going to die soon but I trust God and believe no harm is gonna come near my baby.
    We have been fighting this disease from birth God his 24yrars now lord let him overcome this disease

  35. chi
    chi February 04, 09:24

    I am 32, God help provide an easy cure!

  36. Vanny
    Vanny May 11, 01:54

    Hi I’m vanny. My husband is 37 years and he has scd. I’m believing in God that we will live together till our old age. Amen.

  37. Sylvermay
    Sylvermay September 18, 10:36

    I just lost my soul mate of 17 years on the 10th of April to sickle cell. Our two daughters and I miss him so much. He was a wonderful person. He was 55, he did not let the sickness keep him down, he worked and enjoyed life. To those of you with this illness, we live in a world of sin so sickness and death will come, develop a relationship with God as my husband did and live and enjoy life as much as you can. God be with you all, I look forward to seeing my husband in the world made new when Jesus comes again.

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