This category focuses on articles written by parents with warriors, or warriors with children. You can have a happy, healthy family with sickle cell disease. Have our warrior moms show you how.

Water of Life

Water is one of the cornerstones of a healthy sickle cell patient. There is no substitute to water.

Direct Admit: An Alternative to the Emergency Room

Why not just skip the rigors of the emergency room altogether? Try the direct admit system. It's like concierge medical care.

5 Websites that You Should Know About

Explore the different resources that are just waiting for someone that needs them. Get help with your finances, medications, and medical bills.

Meet Parnel: Husband, Father, Advocate, Educator, Warrior!

It is my pleasure to introduce Parnel Abraham, husband, father, advocate and leader in the sickle cell community. He is a true inspiration, and you can learn ALOT from this interview.

Going to College with Sickle Cell

For those going off to college this are some steps to help guide you through another semester.

Filing a Complaint in the Hospital

Once in a while, you might get treated with less-than compassionate care. Get the 4-1-1 on how to file a complaint and make sure it doesn't happen to you (or anyone else) ever again.

Meet Kai: Fly, 5 and Alive!!!

This week's warrior is only 5 years old! Remember when you were 5?

Part 2: Paying for Medications

Sickle cell medications do not come cheap. With copays of 15-30% on prescriptions, your out of pocket costs can grow drastically. If you are on a fixed income, or don't make much, it can get hard. Here are some resources that might be able to help.

Dealing with Medical Bills and Insurance

Medical bills and insurance often is a roadblock that plague many sickle cell warriors. Here are 4 plans that can get you out of the financial mire and on more stable ground.

Meet La’Veda Page: Minister, Teacher, Actress, Mom, Singer, Wife, Warrior

Our warrior for this week is a dynamic and energetic woman. La'Veda Le Page is a mom, actress, wife, musician, minister and of course a sickle cell warrior!
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