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Nicosan Trials: Month One

Okay, I just took my last pill from my first bottle, so I guess I’ve officially been on Nicosan for 30 days now. I haven’t really noticed much difference besides

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Swimming with Sickle Cell

I got a question from a reader in Egypt that loves to swim but has a painful episode after each swimming session. For sickle cell warriors, my advice is not

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Dealing With Sickle Cell When You Don’t Have Insurance

Okay, so we all know what a load of crap the medical system in the USA is. It’s even way more difficult to deal with it when you have a

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Nicosan–The Orphan Drug

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Nicosan Trial: Week One

Okay, several people have voiced concerns over me getting a crises a few days after I started taking Nicosan. I truly don’t believe that it was related or that Nicosan

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Connecting With Someone With Sickle Cell

I just got off the phone with Milan, a reader from the blog who is the absolutely most fabulous chick I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with sickle cell. She’s

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What the Pain Feels Like

This is one of my absolute favorite PSA’s about sickle cell. Elise is totally kick ass, a warrior of the

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Crises #2: What Happened

Dates: May 9-17. After spending Thursday night fighting cold and flu symptoms, Friday morning had me dealing with pain…in a

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Crises #2 of 2008: The Triggers

First of all, let’s focus on the triggers: The Trip to Hawaii: I was sick on this trip but not

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Back Again

Well, the last week has been rough to say the least. I’m going to explore the triggers of my last

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The Patient

I think I’m officially the only vented person that took a picture as well. What a dork!

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Back from Hawaii

Wow that was such a nice vacation. I’m going to post pics soon on both Myspace and Facebook, but once

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The flight to Hawaii was really long, about 8 hours in total. I was worried that my sickle cell would

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Flying to Hawaii

What’s good fam? I just wanted to check in before I jetsetted to Hawaii for the next week. I’ll be

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Dealing with Sickle Cell Without Using Drugs

My daughter who is 12 years old (has SS)is thinking about taking Hydroxyurea instead of getting monthly blood transfusions. If Hydroxyurea is not right for sickle cell people what other

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