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Posts feature topics on work, school, travel, life, diet and all other coping strategies with sickle cell.

Manual For Life by Paulo Andre Chenso

PAULO ANDRÉ CHENSO is a doctor and professor in London. He created a "MANUAL FOR LIFE". IT'S WORTH A READ AND TO PUT IN PRACTICE. IN THE...

Warrior University Online Series

Dear Sickle Cell Community, Join a 5-week webinar series on the topic “Blood Transfusions: What You Need to Know and Do”. The interactive series will include in-depth...

Holistic Health and Sickle Cell Disease Webinar

Holistic Health and Sickle Cell Disease: A focus on Mental and Behavioral Health Thursday, February 28, 2019 1:00 - 2:15 pm EST Register Here Sickle cell disease (SCD)...

Heart’s Truth Facebook Live 2/26

Join The Heart Truth’s Facebook Live at noon EST on Tuesday, February 26 to see how heart healthy cooking can be fun, especially when you do...

SCW Video: Project #SickleCell Day Three


Water is Life

Water is a very powerful thing. Cultures as old as time have worshiped it. It flows throughout all the lands, connecting the entire world,...

SCW Video: Flying Across the World with Sickle Cell

Have you ever taken a cross country or international trip with sickle cell? How was your experience? Have you ever wanted to take an...

SCW Video: Sports Screening for Sickle Cell Trait


SCW Video: Why People with Sickle Cell Are Tired


SCW Video: My First Crisis

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