A fallen Warrior rises as an Angel

Colin Alexander Ross was born in Mandeville Jamaica in August of 1961. We met in Boston after he immigrated to the United States in 1982 and married in 1987. He had been a successful DJ in Jamaica and won awards for dancing as well.
Once he moved to the US, he took an accelerated course in computer programming set up by IBM in Roxbury, Massachusetts. From there he went on to work in banks and a software development company before he became too ill to work. He loved designing games and inventing new computer languages.
Everyone who met him, remembered him, because of his intelligence and sparkling personality.
The cold in Boston gave him a lot of trouble and he had chest syndrome due to his Sickle Beta Thalessemia. We had two sons together born in 1992 and 1996. We decided to relocate to Albuquerque New Mexico in 1996 to be near my family who provided help with the children. His health was better in New Mexico despite needing oxygen because of the high altitude, but the more temperate climate was a god-send.
He became acutely ill in June of 2001 and passed away within 15 minutes of arriving at the hospital.
He is missed by all of us.

SCW Team