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Meet Malayesia: 17, High School Graduate, Determined Warrior!

This week's warrior is Malayesia, a recent high school graduate who has the world at her feet.

Meet Carla: Social Worker, Sister, Advocate, Warrior!

Carla is an exceptional woman, and with this interview you get to learn from a sister, daughter, and friend who is just like you...

Meet Abdoo: Husband, Business Owner, Body Builder, Warrior!

Hey everyone! Our Warriors in the Spotlight series is back! We have a wonderful love story and an inspirational true life story from Abdoo,...

Meet Damilola: Future Lawyer, Daughter, Student, Warrior

Meet Damilola, a law student who has a very defined sense of self. You will learn alot from this interview.

Meet Hafiz: Pharmacist, Outcomes Researcher, Husband, Warrior

It's always great to have a male warrior in the spotlight. Meet Hafiz, he is a focused, dynamic, determined man who is one day going to be a pharmacist.

Meet Nana: Student, Daughter, Future Medical Doctor, Warrior

Nana is a vibrant, feisty young lady who has been inspired to become a medical doctor. She has so much sass, fire, and positivity, it just leaps through her testimony. Check it out!

Interview with a Medical Doctor with Sickle Cell Disease

Ever wondered if you could be a doctor with sickle cell? Well you can follow that dream. Dr. Y. explains to us how she went through medical school and became a physician.

Meet Tiara: Student, Daughter, Warrior

Tiara is a young lady with a lot of faith. Read her story below....

Meet Darrin: Occupational Therapy Student, Dedicated Warrior

We have another guy warrior this week! Darrin is a dedicated and focused young man who has discovered what is purpose is. Read more about him here.

Meet Natasha: Filmmaker, Musician, Survivor, Warrior

Natasha is a beautiful, spirited young woman that epitomizes the essence of being a warrior and survivor. Read her amazing story here.
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