Making sense of the complexities of sickle cell disease can be overwhelming and stressful. The Understanding Sickle Cell section of our website is your one-stop resource for the latest information on sickle cell disease, complications of sickle cell disease, medications, treatment, and what it means to live with sickle cell disease. Most of the advice and tips you will find here are from those who have walked in the same steps before you. This section serves as a repository of the sickle cell community on how to deal with the psychosocial aspects of sickle cell disease. There are many guides and kits that have been published for sickle cell disease and several of them will be highlighted here. You will also find the latest information regarding integrative and complementary therapies, questions to ask your doctor, tips on improving your quality of life, and much more. Choosing a section (such as Nutrition) below the Guide at the left will take you to a menu of the topics covered only in that section.

The Understanding Sickle Cell section was co-developed with those who are affected and living with sickle cell disease…you! Sickle cell affects us all differently, and we are all unique individuals. It is recommended that you talk to your physician to understand and modify these recommendations to fit your particular care. Use your own judgement in applying each of these principles. You are the only one with the full knowledge of how sickle cell affects you, so take that knowledge and empower yourself to become an active participant in your plan of care.