Fish Oil and Sickle Cell


In studying various non-pharmaceutical ways to manage sickle cell, I came across some interesting research about fish oil that I just had to share with everyone. A very small study was conducted in 2001, that showed that fish oil significantly reduces the frequency of sickle cell crises pain. The etiology is unknown  at this time (as is most alternative remedies), however the researchers noted that the fish oil seemed to prevent cells from clumping up. Read more about the study HERE. Fish oil is so effective that it is used in many hospitals for chronically ill patients.

A new clinical trial is underway at Jefferson University to see if Fish Oil can help reduce the inflammation in tissues that patients with sickle cell often exhibit. If you want more info, click HERE.

Other Benefits for SC warriors include:

  • Fish oil also helps in increasing and enhancing your immune system
  • Fish oil contains a lot of Vitamin A, which can help improve your vision.
  • It alleviates constricted blood vessels, increases cell division and dilates blood vessels.
  • Fish oil promotes cardiovascular health.
  • Has been known to reduce pain.
  • Pr0motes healing of tissues and cells
  • Elevates mood and reduces depression

All in all, fish oil helps and doesn’t hurt. It might be a good idea to have this remedy in your daily arsenal for a healthy life.  Fish oil is available at your local drug store, and is a simple, yet powerful remedy.


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