Sickle Cell Warriors, Inc. is pleased to announce several online courses. These all require a computer and phone to join. You can access classes from all over the world, you just must have a good Internet connection, and ability to call abroad. Many of them will be offered multiple times so if you miss it, you can try another time. Pre-registration is required to attend all classes unless it is advertised as an OPEN class. In those rare instances, it is then first-come, first-served. Some classes are free, while others do require a small fee or sponsorship. Please see below for further descriptions of our classes.


Sickle Cell Warriors, Inc. is a patient-ran, community-based, not-for-profit dedicated to patient advocacy and health activism. The cornerstone of SCW, Inc. is education. We are firmly committed to elevating the quality of life and eradicating the unjust stigmatization of this disease through education and self awareness. We believe that every Warrior Advocate has a responsibility to not only facilitate the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge throughout our communities, but also to increase the level of our own knowledge of this disease. To that end, Sickle Cell Warriors, Inc. is pleased to present the Warrior School of Advocacy, Education and Activism. Our training courses are taught online via Go To Meeting by highly trained academics, educators and activists. We offer both live, actively engaged and interactive course work as well as pre-recorded class options enabling the student to move at a much quicker (or slower) pace as desired by the student. Some courses, such as the Advocacy Training Class, are arranged as consecutive classes and others, such as the Expert Patient Series, are offered a la carte and can be completed in any order. The A La Carte series of classes can be taken as many or as few times as desired.

Dr. Lakiea Bailey is a highly trained, award-winning research scientist and patient advocate. She holds advanced degrees in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Molecular Hematology and Regenerative Medicine and is qualified to teach post secondary courses in basic, applied and theoretical sciences as well as basic and advanced mathematics (through multivariable calculus). Dr. Bailey has experience teaching high school, college and graduate level courses.

Tosin Ola-Weissmann is the founder and President of Sickle Cell Warriors, Inc.. With over 13 years in clinical practice as a registered nurse in various specialities, over 7 years as a sickle cell advocate, over 33 years as a sickle cell patient and a Master’s degree in nursing, Tosin has a unique portal into the life of one with sickle cell. Tosin helps to translate the medical and scientific theoretical concepts into more easily understandable content for everyone.

Registration for the Winter Quarter of the Advocacy Training Session is now closed. Spring session registration starts March 15, 2018.


This opportunity is AMMMMMAAAAAZING and has changed my life more than can ever be understood. Tosin and Dr. Bailey are THE most down to Earth trainers that I know. If all of my instructors were this passionate I would have gone further in my education. But on a serious note I highly support this training and will forever be grateful and a proud, card carrying member of the Sickle Cell Warriors. Watch for more from Connella A. Guilford, Sickle Cell Advocate soon to be State Ambassador. NAME IT AND CLAIM IT!!! Forget TURN UP…how bout SIGN UP-SIGN UP!!!

John Doe


This is an amazing opportunity to learn about more about sickle cell and how to become an Advocate for Sickle Cell Warriors. That’s not even the best part. You meet great people in the classes going though the same issues you’re going through. On top of that the instructors Dr. Bailey and Tosin are super cool and actually care if you understand the materials and will work with you if you have questions. I support this training all the way. I am also proud to be a Sickle Cell Warrior and can’t wait to help others on my path of being an a Sickle Cell Advocate and soon also be a State Ambassador. Now go sign up so you can help others in your area!!! Who knows maybe will team up.

John Doe