This section lists all the books, movies and music that we’ve discovered that have to do with the personal nature of sickle cell. If you would like to suggest something for this list, please email us.



This was a made for TV movie. Blue (Bill Cosby) has big dreams. He wants the best for his family and he sees their opportunity in an old house away from the projects. When not working his two regular jobs, he is out doing extra odd jobs which leaves no time for his son Vandy. They ride around in an old station wagon and do not have color TV like some of the other families in the projects. Being a typical kid, Vandy wonders out loud to his father why they can not have these things as well. Blue has to explain to Vandy the types of (illegal) activities those other parents do to attain those color TVs and Cadillacs. His wife (Gloria Foster) tries to explain to Blue that Vandy needs his time not a house. Vandy collapses while playing with the neighborhood kids and after a series of tests they learn that he has sickle cell anemia and will not live very long. The dream of a house now seems unimportant to Blue as he struggle with the fact that a poor man has very few choices when it comes to health care for his child. A very realistic story. An excellent dramatic turn by Bill Cosby. And of course, a tearjerker.


This was the first film with a heroine with sickle cell. Be warned, this one is a tearjerker. Sidney Poitier directed and starred in this story of a widowed American doctor on an extended stay in London. Dr. Matt Younger must learn to love again, and during his stay in the beautiful English city, he feels he may have found the woman who can help him in Catherine (Esther Anderson). But who is the mysterious stranger stalking her? Bit by bit, Matt learns new things about Catherine, discovering once again that there is inevitably loss in love.

It’s out of circulation, but you might be able to get it from Netflix or eBay. Read more about it HERE.


A film with a heroine that is a single mom with sickle cell. It got rave reviews on the independent film festivals. The film stars Karen LeBlanc as Jude, a widowed single mother undergoing treatment for sickle cell disease. While working as a night-shift nurse to support her son Ciel, she meets and enters into a relationship with Silence, a troubled and brooding boxer who becomes a father figure for the young boy. You can check it out on Amazon HERE.


This film was one of the most recent endeavors that portrayed sickle cell disease. It tells the story of the girl group TLC from the early days, their success, and eventual decline. The movie shows the experiences of group member Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and her fight with sickle cell disease. The story was not predominantly about sickle cell, but adequately portrayed how a sickle cell crisis can turn one’s life upside down, reaching for her goals despite the diagnosis, and the sacrifices Tionne made to achieve her dreams. Most of the warriors agreed that it was a decent portrayal of life with sickle cell. It was released by VH1, so you can probably watch it online.



(Paperback – November 3, 2005).

This is the most comprehensive sickle cell diet book that I have come across. It has recipes, food suggestions and dietary recommendations, based on the African/West Indian diet of hearty vegetables and low meat content. If you ever wanted to manage your sickle cell with your diet, this should be one of your stepping stones.

Order it from Amazon for $24.09 HERE.


~ by Tosin Coker
Published June 19, 2013.

ISBN-10: 0955748356
ISBN-13: 978-0955748356

Calling upon her own life experiences as an inheritor of the sickle cell blood disorder, Tosin candidly shares her accumulation of knowledge and wisdom on the subject. With her ‘out of the box’ approach, this book is filled with guidance and tips for improving daily life. As well as educating the layman and offering practical suggestions, she explores unconventional theories pertaining to issues commonly faced by those living with sickle cell.
I am partial to this book because it’s written by my namesake Tosin! The autobiographical perspective of the book provides a window into the complex life and relationships of the author. Many of Tosin’s struggles are ones that every person with sickle cell can identify with. Through the chapters, Tosin provides an unfettered glimpse into her soul, personal struggles, and challenges. Authors are often secretive with regard to their personal lives, but with this book, Tosin has fearlessly lifted the curtain of anonymity. By sharing her intimate story, she is giving a voice to the millions that suffer in silence daily all over the world from sickle cell disease. Although the topics are dealing with health, alternative medicine, spirituality, and lifestyle advice, you get to enjoy the remarkable descriptive style that has made Ms. Coker a world-renowned best selling author. Readers of Tosin’s book will savor her imagination, innovation, and storytelling ability. The concepts in this book are explained clearly enough for a young child to understand. Ms Coker discusses effective ways to reduce crisis and pain. The book gives insight into lifestyle changes that promote health and overall well-being. This book is highly recommended for those coping with sickle cell, and those striving to understand the difficult circumstances of this often misunderstood and debilitating disease. A home run on so many levels. You can get it on Amazon for $14.39 HERE.HERE.


By Dan Moore, Sr. and Phyllis Zachery-Thomas

Published June 3, 2010. ISBN 1453603824

A moving account of patients and families dealing with the effects of sickle cell disease, a genetic disorder that mainly effects people of African descent. Many sickle cell warriors share their lives and stories of sickle cell. Including me! The last chapter explores the historical discovery of sickle cell, and it is quite educational. The whole book helps to put things in perspective, and is great for sickle cell warriors and those without sickle cell.

You can Order this BookHERE for $9.95.


By Dominique Friend. ISBN is 9780615265469

“Sickle” is an emotionally stirring testimony, a frank description of living with a disease associated with bouts of disabling pain and a host of other symptoms. Dominique describes other psychosocial issues relating to chronic illnesses and emphasizes the importance of developing active coping mechanisms. “Sickle” is an inspiring literary portrait; Dominique paints a personal an occasionally a very intimate picture of a continuing struggle of survival and of growth beyond all odds. This book is a must-read for individuals, families, and other caregivers dealing with life- altering illness. As you read, you will learn many lessons as well as be reminded of truths that will serve you well. I hope that this book will help you find the strength and courage from within to help you through every aspect of your journey ahead. ~ Daniel Efiom-Ekaha, MD Cancer Care Association of York, Inc. To order this book, contact Dominique Friend HERE

Living With Sickle Cell by Tahira Yvonne Givhan

This is a creative way to help teach kids,with Sickle Cell Anemia, to be their healthy best! This book is filled with beautiful pictures for children to have fun coloring and be educated at the same time! Uniquely show casing real people in a real world, each page illustrates a positive, uplifting, and healthy lifestyle…from encouraging good hygiene, to promoting literacy at home and at school. Featuring the National Poster Child for the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America 2000-2001, Tahira Yvonne Givhan. $3/p>

Now You See Me Now You Don’t By Jan Reed Givhan, ISBN 1-4196-3247-7

This novel is about a young teenage girl, Amira, whose journey is made much more difficult by Sickle Cell Anemia, which is a painful and largely unpredictable disease. Attending a predominately white high school, she also faces the ugliness of racism, and in turn is socially isolated by some of her classmates, who belittle her and have no idea of her pain. This is made worse because a member of the family was killed as part of a gang initiation ritual. Based on a true story. $12.99

Cruising With Tahira

Cruising with Tahira is the coloring book sequence to Living with Sickle Cell. This is great for people in the hospital who want to escape for a little while and travel through the Bahamas with Tahira. Cruising with Tahira has fun crossword puzzles, I spy games, and of course plenty of room to color! $7

BUY ALL THREE (Now You See Me, Now You Don’t, Living with Sickle Cell coloring book and Cruising with Tahira coloring book) TOGETHER FOR $20

There is also an educational video tape entitled Living With Sickle Cell. Tahira gives an easy to understand 7 minute overview of Sickle Cell Anemia. Great to use in hospitals, doctors’ offices, schools, various organizations, and or course, in homes. $15.00

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