Out to the Hospital


Hello family,

Regular readers would have noticed that there has been no updates for the last week. This is because systems where stalled because I was sick and in the hospital. This was my first crises in 3 years, I was treated torridly in the hospital as usual, and now I have a glaring reminder why sickle cell can kiss my patootie ~ and why research, education, and advocacy are desperately needed in our country in regards to sickle cell.

I will not bore you with the grimy details in this post, but I will end by saying that my God is an awesome God. He saved my life yet again, and I’m reminded how mortal we truly are. There is just a tiny thread that connects us to this world, and it can be cut in an instant. So please, make every day count, tell your family and friends you love them, and when you are well, live it up for those of us that are wracked in pain or in the hospital.

Thank you for all your support, prayers and well wishes during this time. I am still recuperating, but well enough to blog again, so be expecting many new exciting features on the website and Facebook page. For those of you still awaiting an email response from me, I am working on it, and slowly but surely will respond to the 200+ emails in my inbox.

Take care of yourselves and each other.


Tosin, SCW



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