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Another Miracle Drug: Nicosan

Someone left this information in a comment and I just wanted some feedback.There is a relatively new treatment for sickle cell being produced in...

New Sickle Cell Research Findings

Whoa, check this out...guess we aren't as alone as I originally thought. Seriously though...a VIRUS?? It sounds waaaaay X-men-ish for me but at the same...

The Wonder of Nitric Oxide

Norion's dad sent me a forward a few weeks ago about L-Arginine that he had gotten from a fellow scientist researching the benefits of...

The New Sickle Cell PSA

One of my friends sent this PSA to me about Sickle Cell. I wanna know why my fine face wasn't there...lol.

September is Sickle Cell Awareness Month

I recently got this in my Myspace box and I'm passing it on to all the Sickle Cell Warriors out there. We are asking...
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