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Sickle cell WarriorTosin Ola, BSN, RN (aka Sickle Cell Warrior), is one of the most eloquent and dynamic voices in the sickle cell disease community. As a sickle cell warrior herself, she understands and resonates with issues in the SCD community. Tosin is a practicing registered nurse, mentor, sickle cell advocate, friend and reliable source of sickle cell impressions and advice from both the medical and patient perspective.

In 2007, Tosin went online looking for a sickle cell blog during a long hospitalization. She was unable to find a blog that gave readers the personal portal into a life of someone with sickle cell, so she decided to start her own. The Sickle Cell Blog quickly grew and gained a following in the sickle cell community. In 2009, Tosin launched the Sickle Cell Warriors website, which serves as a portal of information of sickle cell to patients, families and medical professionals. The website focuses on educating everyone about sickle cell and addresses the complications, remedies, relationships, dietary recommendations, current research, news, advocacy, and events. In a feature spot called “Warriors in the Spotlight,” Tosin interviews sickle cell patients that are living their lives and following their dreams irrespective of their disease to inspire others to do the same.

Many sickle cell patients feel isolated and unable to relate to anyone who completely understands the full scope of dealing with a complex chronic medical condition. Tosin started the Sickle Cell Warriors Facebook Page to help people who are affected by sickle cell (parents, patients, families, teachers, medical professionals, partners etc.) connect with others going through the same struggles. The community has over 6000 members, is the largest online sickle cell community; and addresses every issue related to sickle cell in a supportive, educational, and encouraging environment.

Tosin strives to create a community where people can feel comfortable asking (and getting answers to), their most pertinent and personal questions related to sickle cell disease. There has not been a topic that Tosin shies away from or is afraid to address. She is dedicated to presenting positive and uplifting messages about sickle cell to the society, as well as empowering sickle cell patients to take control of their disease and think differently about life with sickle cell. She believes that sickle cell does not define you, and that one can have a beautiful and fulfilling life regardless of sickle cell.

Tosin graduated from Oakwood University with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing in 2001, and from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. She is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Nursing and Business Administration with an emphasis in Healthcare Management. Tosin lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband.

Tosin has been a source for print publications, online media and most recently; published in “Sickle Cell Disease, 100 Years Later” written by Dan Moore and Phyllis Zachery-Thomas. She frequently travels across the nation and is available for sickle cell community events, advocacy issues, seminars, and presentations. In addition to public appearances, online and community involvement; she pens columns for True Shine Magazine, The Sickle Cell Blog, Sickle Cell Warriors, and Wellsphere.

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