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Ode to the Caregiver

Poetry by Ugbo Caleb

Ode to the Caregiver

To all the Warrior Moms, Dads, Lovers, Sisters, Brothers, Husbands, Wives, Children & Caregivers. This one is for you. Thank you for being our angels.


You are Beautiful

Have you seen the angel in your world.
She is a beauty to behold!
Her wings were brilliant but fragile.
when she tries to flaps, the earth explodes and
swallow her up.
Like termites in a garden, lies the sickle in her
blood that eat her up.
They said angels don’t cry, but I can see her
You held her close as she writhes and groan
You never left her when others do.
Love makes you cry when she does, and smile
when she smile.
With a thousand companion, she is your favorite
It is you! yes you, who believe that someday, she
will soar high.
With tears of gold spread all over your face, your
heavy heart, filled to the brim with love never
stop smiling.
You are beautiful!
See how you abandon the playground and the
miners tunnel for her……
Little wonder that they gaze and scorn in
When her joy falls down, you are always there to
pick it up.
You are beautiful!
It is no longer news that her world, once bitter,
until you spread your tent of sweetness.
Yes! Like the angel in your world,
You are beautiful!

Poetry by: Ugbo Caleb, courtesy of Bella Diance

To all caregivers, who always stood by their sick loved ones

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Summary: A poem to all the angelic caregivers who have stood by our side, day in, day out, breath by breath, every step. We love you and appreciate you so very much. ~Sickle Cell Warriors


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