Sickle Cell Warriors

Warriors in the Spotlight

Meet Akimie: Artist, Runway Model, Warrior

Ever wondered if you could be a working model in NY with sickle cell? If Akimie can do it, so can you!

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Meet Clarissa: The Warrior Behind of

The creator of the Heart of Gold foundation shares her inspirational journey with sickle cell below. Read on…

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Meet Kandis: Mom, Nurse and Warrior

Meet Kandis, an intrepid and determined young lady. Even with AVN and sickle cell, she has accomplished all her dreams and strives to inspire others.

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Meet Courtney: Student, Daughter, Warrior

Share this week’s warrior story with your grade and high school kids. Courtney is a great role model and might be able to inspire them out of a slump. Blessings!

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Meet Tunde: Christian, Accountant, Warrior, Catch!

Tunde is a chartered accountant that lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria. My matchmaking sensors are ringing for this one!

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Meet Teara: Student, Mother, Warrior

This week’s warrior is Teara, is a sweet, gracious young lady. She’s a mom, student and working woman. Through all her struggles with the challenges of sickle cell, she is able to count her blessings with a smile on her face.

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Meet Parnel: Husband, Father, Advocate, Educator, Warrior!

It is my pleasure to introduce Parnel Abraham, husband, father, advocate and leader in the sickle cell community. He is a true inspiration, and you can learn ALOT from this interview.

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Meet Clayton: CPS Investigator, Husband, Father and Warrior.

This week’s warrior is a father, husband and advocate for at-risk youth. Clayton doesn’t let anything slow him down. Read his inspiring story next…

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Meet Kai: Fly, 5 and Alive!!!

This week’s warrior is only 5 years old! Remember when you were 5?

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Meet Ashley: Teaching Assistant, Writer, Mentor, Warrior

Ashley is in her 20s, but listening to her, she has wisdom beyond her years. Her quote: the real handicap of sickle cell does not lie in the blood, but in the mind. Read more of her inspirational journey.

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Meet Yomi: Project Manager/Husband/Adventurer/Warrior

Read on to find out more about Yomi’s amazing life journey thus far, how he took sickle cell lemons and made lemonade, and the zen philosophy of his life.

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Meet Zaranda: IRS Auditor/Mother/Drum Line Player

In addition to being simply gorgeous sickle cell warrior, Zaranda is a full time mommy and part time Drum Line Queen. Read more of her story.

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Meet Norma: Aspiring CPA, Mom, Wife and Warrior

This weeks’ warrior is Norma; an aspiring CPA, mom, wife to a Navy soldier, and she is all sorts of awesomeness.

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Meet Ronke: Fabulous, Feisty, Legal Warrior

Have you ever wondered if you could become a Lawyer? Well don’t let sickle cell stop you from that dream. Read Ronke’s story of achieving her dreams in spite of having Sickle Cell.

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Meet Mia: IRS Rep, Student, Warrior, SURVIVOR!

Meet Mia Robinson, a goal oriented, focused and determined woman who is taken the challenges of life, survived and THRIVED. Read more of her amazing story next.

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