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This category explores past, present and future research and news in sickle cell.

Sickle Cell Disease Handbook by APHON

Sickle Cell Disease Handbook for Patients & Families The Association of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses has developed a resource for sickle disease patients and their families. The...

Stop Mistreatment of Sickle Cell Patients in the Emergency Room

Question: G. Jones says, "What can we do to stop mistreatment of SCD patents in Hospital and being lable as Drug seekers. Like our pain...

IN THE NEWS: September 2015 Edition

Breaking news from all around the world in #sicklecell disease. Stem Cell Transplant Adult Successful stem cell transplant of 12 adults with sibling matches (half-match) at...

Official Sickle Cell Ribbon

Official sickle cell disease ribbon is unveiled at last!

New #SickleCell Documentary in NY Area

Ever wanted to be in a sickle cell documentary? Well if you live in or around NY, this project may be something to look into.

Warrior Spotlight: Flying Doctors, Nigeria

Check out this inspiring story about a sister that took her sickle cell journey to whole new heights...literally.

April 2013 Newsletter: Warriors, Activate!

This was the newsletter that was mailed out to those that signed up for our monthly newsletters. It was delivered right to your email. Go into hot topics from the Facebook page, advocacy training, and details about the cruise.

January 2013 Newsletter

A short summary of all the discussions on the Facebook page for Jan 2013. In case you missed anything!

Stem Cell Questionaire

Get involved with a research study. Just a chance to do something to help the general scientific community

1st Annual Sickle Cell Warriors Cruise

Have you ever wanted to get together with a group of Sickle Cell Warriors, your family, and friends on a vacation where you got to share your life experiences? Well then, this cruise is specifically designed just for you.
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Minority Nurse Article

Flying with Sickle Cell

Mid-November 2011 News Roundup