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Happy Birthday to me! 27!! And those crazy docs said I wouldn’t live past childhood. Booyah!

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Sickle Cell Medication & Drugs

I hate taking pills. I absolutely detest them. I can take them one by one, swallow them whole, but nothing gives me an enjoyment in the process. Taking pills just

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Working Overtime

I’ve really been feeling ‘off’ all week since I pulled a double at work. I know, I know–I shouldn’t have, but the money was too good, and my birthday is

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Exercising with Sickle Cell Anemia

My newest fetish is hitting the gym. I love going to the gym. My doc says it’s okay as long as I hydrate and don’t overdo anything. There is something

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I’m here, present and accounted for. Norio and I were both laid out in pain yesterday, he threw his back out playing tennis, and I was hurting L2s per usual.

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Back to Work

Today is my first day back to work since my sister’s wedding. Hopefully my lazy self will be able to survive it…lol. I’ve had way too many days off. Although

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The Ticker says…

Four months. Gulp.

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Flying With Sickle Cell Revisited

Okay everyone, as you can see I’m back, alive and well. I survived both flights with only L3s on the

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I’m Mad at My Parents

I know all you parents are going to jump on the bandwagon and tell me that I shouldn’t be mad

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Flying with Sickle Cell

As you know one of the precursors of an exacerbation is flying at high altitudes. Although a pressurized cabin is

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Hey peoples! The good news is that I’m still not sick. The bad news is that it’s been 3 months

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My ticker officially hit the 3 month mark. Go Me! If I were to look at the glass half full,

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Working Where I Was Sick

Yesterday I worked with a nursing agency. I got floated to the unit where I was sick in December! It

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Diary of a Crises

I wrote this years ago, what was going through my mind when a crises hit me. It’s kinda long, but

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Pain Scale

Living with sickle cell means living with chronic and acute pain. I have pain every single day of my life…sometimes it’s worse than others, and sometimes it’s just minor twinges

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