Living with Sickle Cell

Posts feature topics on work, school, travel, life, diet and all other coping strategies with sickle cell.

Tips for Going to the Emergency Room with Sickle Cell

For many of us with sickle cell, going to the emergency room is one of the worst parts of having the disease. Here are a few tips to help you make the ER visit less stressful and more successful. Good luck!

Poem: I Am a Warrior

Check out the inspiring poetry written by two of our very own Facebook compadres. I AM a Warrior is dedicated to you, and all SC warriors out there.

With Sickle Cell, Do You Consider Yourself Disabled?

Disability takes on a different connotation for everyone. As a person with SCD do you identify as being disabled?

Myth Busters: Accepting Blood from ‘White’ Donors…

Alot of nurses/doctors give out wrong information because they don't understand the intricacies of cross matching. There is a huge misconception about this blood thing and since we get blood often, it's important for us to sort out the truth from fallacy.

SC Remedy: Milk Thistle

This week we will be studying the benefits of milk thistle with sickle cell. Several of our wonderful Facebook members use milk thistle daily so we just had to do some more research for you.

Could Your Blood Cells be Used for Research Without Your Permission?

Could your blood cells be used for research without your permission? Read more and share your thoughts after the jump

Fatigue and Sickle Cell

Sometimes, you don't have pain, but really don't have the energy to go out and hit the town. Your blood counts are low. You're tired. It's not a crime.

Staying Warm in Cold Weather with Sickle Cell

Here are a few tips for bundling up and staying warm this cold season.

Stress, Travel and Oxygen…

Short video about travel tips, stress and getting oxygen while on a plane.

Fish Oil and Sickle Cell

Learn all about fish oil, a simple, yet powerful remedy...
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