What’s Good Fam?


So I haven’t updated the site in about a week, which is so not like me. But I’ve been busy planning my wedding in Nigeria, hosting my parents who were here for a week visiting, working on the Very Bright weekend in September, writing the program guidelines for the Very Bright Foundation programs (since I’m the new Director of Programs), tackling all my inboxes, getting healthy after my last hospitalization, starting work again, advocating for Nicosan…gosh, I can’t believe it’s only been a week! Anyway, I promised myself to get back in the groove again.

This week’s articles will tackle some myths about sickle cell, as well as continue the SC Complications series. I am still waiting for the next entry for Warriors in the Spotlight, so if you are a sickle cell warrior or you want to nominate someone to be featured as a warrior, share your story on the Become a Warrior page.

The SC Map is going to have another entry from Grenada. The sickle cell association in Grenada has just sent in their listing. I can’t wait for the map to continue to grow and grow, especially with international organizations. Please send in your group, network or organization info to be added to the SC Map!

Regarding the Nicosan struggle, another ray of light has been shed on the situation. I was quoted in an article HERE which just broke today.

Alright warriors, off to start updating the site. Stay blessed, stay healthy and DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!


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