So I know that I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks, but readers on the FB page will know that I ran out of Nicosan and fell sick! I’m much better now, and things seem to be looking up on the Nicosan front.

I have also been job hunting. Actually I applied for and got 2 jobs and now I’m faced with the dilemma of having to turn one down. I’m actually tempted to keep them both, but I know that my sickle cell won’t let me work that much! I usually work 3 or 4 days in a row, and need a few days in between to feel rejuvenated enough to work again. But I like both jobs, and see the potential for growth in both organizations. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

I guess I shouldn’t be venting about this, after all, some people would be grateful to have one job offer, let alone 2. But even though I know rationally which job to accept…the other job beckons me as well.

Job 1: is where I presently work but the job will be as a permanent employee instead of a contracted position. I know the routine, adore my coworkers, and it’s a cush (easy) job. I’ve done this type of nursing for a while now, and I’m used to it. The schedule is good and the pay and benefits are astoundingly good. Free parking. The hours are 12pm-11pm…which is perfect because I get to sleep in, and still get to fall asleep in my own bed at night.

Job 2: is more intense. It will be a new field,~Trauma, so I will be coming in not only as a new employee, but completely new to that type of nursing. It will be challenging, difficult and will have a huge learning curve. However, it aligns perfectly with my future goals, and sets me up in a good position for my graduate program (the hospital is directly affiliated with my future grad school). The pay is a couple of dollars less per hour, and the benefits totally suck. Parking is atrocious there. It is a night shift position (7pm to 730am), so I will be doing the graveyard thing again.

I really like Job 1, because I’m used to it, it’s safe, and it pays more now. Job 2 however, aligns with my future goals, and once I’m done with grad school, I will be making more than both these jobs combined.

It’s times like this that I wish i was a normal person, who could hold down 2 full time jobs and not have a crises. So I have to pick one…this week. The question is,…which one?


  1. Hi Dear,

    Hope u are way better now…

    I want to ask, where did u manage to finally find Nicosan? and whats gonna happen when it does go out of market totally? what other substitute is there

  2. I would find out what level trauma do they care for, and ask how much trauma do they see on average , and how intense is it and how much stress can you handle .But best of luck on your decision


  3. I FEEL YOU. i have bn in this situation too, had 2 job offers at the same time. One , aligns with my career goals, pays very much but will be stressful. The second , was a front desk job… it was an insult to my qualifications and again i would be posted outside the city. However, i have had too many admissions for crises and was stressed in Lagos. So i grudgingly picked the receptionist job. i kinda wish i was in my high flyer manager job and still leaving in Lagos. But i havent had a single crises since i resumed 7 months ago. MONEY, PRESTIGE,AMBITION Vs MY HEALTH? DAMN!!!I still want to be a manager.

    • @Hauwa, I know. It’s the hardest when your dreams conflict with your reality. I’m still going for the managerial route, just taking it slower than others…lol


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